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How to apply for dxn comapny distributor form?|| The Best comapny for Health ,wealth and Happiness.

Become a DXN Global member and be a part of satisfied DXN distributors and members anywhere. Experience the health good things about using DXN products. Get a lifetime discount that will save your money, then create the opportunity to start your own business. Remember, “Being in good health is an investment, not a cost!” In this article we discuss How to Become DXN Distributor from Nepal ?? 

As soon as you join you will get 12-25% discount on all product purchases. You will also open the door to the opportunity to get money in the bank! Best of all, there will be minimal liability and compromise !. You only need to make one purchase to keep your subscription active.

DXN DXN provides an excellent and inspiring business plan for global success. There will be an excellent international benefit share globally for qualified members and distributors!
You will get free online subscription to DXN worldwide. Now you can have free international sponsorship worldwide. It takes some work on your part to follow six (6) steps.

You have to collect following details to join dxn:

-Full Name like Document
-Citizenship"s Number /IC number /Passport Number
-Gmail/Email - Gmail/email should be active
-Phone number
-Beneficiary Name-use your brother or sister"s name -if you do not have bro...sis..then
use your relatives name .***note if you are married then use your husband or wife"s name.
-Sponsor code .For an Example -820606214-if you are new you can use this code to
become dxn distributor.
-Sponsor Name -You should enter your up-line sponsor Code then Sponsor Name will be fill up by system.If you do not have any sponsors then use this code -820606214.

6 Steps:(Online Method)

Click on Following Link to become DXN Distributor:


You will find interface like following Picture:

Try to read all DXN Distributor Application and Agreement.

DXN New Distributor Application and Agreement

I have Read and Understand -Click on it.

2: Click on the top menu bar: New Register
Now create your Account.You will see interface or form like following:

3: (DXN Sponsor Code: 820606214
Sponsor Name : Kumar Teyung
Click here

4: Fill out the form with your original data.
note: You must use your original data.

5.Agree to the Application Declaration

Click on continue:

6. At the Right Bottom of the page click – New Register button

Check your gmail to active your ID.

Offline Method-Go to the nearest branch office/you can click on following links for

Distributorship Data Update Request Form-

Contact me:

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