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how to use zoom cloud meeting on Windows?

 In this article,  I have tried  to  help you ,how to use zoom cloud meeting on Windows?. I have shared   five important  steps  that you have to  do on zoom: how to   install zoom, how to join a meeting, how to create an account, how to create a meeting and how to create a scheduled meeting?.

how  to   install zoom?

So first of all you have to  know,how   to install Zoom on Windows. For you to install zoom on Windows on laptop or PC you will need to open your preferred browser. You can open any browsers.After opening the browser , write zoom on the search bar . If you are the first time on Zoom site, it might ask you to tap Agree and proceed. Then tap close. On the zoom site go to the bottom of the page. On this part of the page you will see a link called download. Click on it. Click on download from section Zoom client for meetings.  The Installer will be downloaded on your PC.

Click on this link to download zoom for windows: click here

 how to join a meeting?

After  completing the download click on the file you just saved .You should allow this app to make changes to add files to your PC. Then click on install. After zoom will install it will open. If this doesn't happen to you, find the icon on the desktop and double click on it. The next step is to join the meeting or just sign up for a new account or sign in into your old account. If you wish to enter into a meeting you will need to have the ID of the meeting and also a password if needed .Find this info from the host. For you to join a meeting you need to click on  join the meeting. Write the ID of the meeting.If the meeting has a password,you need to put the password to join the  meeting. Write the password and tap Ok . If the meeting has not started yet you will get a screen with a message saying" waiting for the  hosts. Please wait until the host starts the meeting".

If the meeting is starting and you are the first time on zoom' it will ask you to agree to the Terms of Service. Click I agree. You can join the meeting with audio or without. Click join with computer audio to be able to talk in the meeting. Also note, that if this is the first time on Zoom you might want to click test speakers and microphone, just to be safe it is working. Click join with computer audio to be able to talk in the meeting. On the bottom right you have the option to join with audio and video. On the meeting in the center you have the option to invite persons, see participants and also share screen if this is allowed by hosts. Also in the right part you have the button to leave the meeting. Now ,I hope  you have  got info about how to join a meeting.

 how to create an account,?

Now you have to know  how to create an account on Windows. Click on sign in   .You will be able to sign in with Google and Facebook.If you are the first time on zoom it will ask you to click on agree and proceed. Then click on close. Then you have to  write your work email address and then click sign up and  click on confirm, then you have to  check your email to confirm the account. check your email inbox and  click on activate account.

After activating your account, put your  first name and the last name. Also write the password and confirm password. Click on continue Then log in with your new account.  Write the email and the password which  you have  setup. Click on sign in. then You will signed  into your account. After this,  your account will be   created. You can easily  join a meeting, create a new meeting or scheduled  meeting.

To create a meeting on Windows ,just follow these steps .Click on schedule meeting . Here you have the option to start the meeting with video and also the option to use your personal ID. If the option use my personal meeting ID is unchecked then you can  generate a random meeting ID. Tap on the new meeting button. Now if you are for the first time on Zoom maybe it's better first to test speakers and microphone.

 Now test your microphone. If this work then it is okay. Now tap on join with computer audio to get the audio on. Please keep in mind you are the hosts of the meeting, the person who created the meeting, so you have administrative permissions at this new meeting. You can tap on the button from the top left to see the ID of the meeting and the password. You can also copy the link and send it to somebody directly. 

You can click on the button to mute yourself or to speak at the meeting. Menu will have an option to select a microphone or speakers of the computer. You will have the possibility here to test the speakers and microphone. Also if you wish you can switch to phone audio or go to the audio settings. If we click on the audio settings we will have lots of option that we can adjust. For normal user these options will not be used much. If you have some problems with sound you can try to click on the advanced button. Here you will be able to process your audio quality you can test this to see what version is best for you.

 Now let'stalk about   the video. Here you also can enable or disable the video with a single click. You will have the possibility to choose the webcam to use. This is useful if you have an incorporated webcam and also a better webcam. Also on this menu we have video settings. If the video is ok for you I do not think you need to change any settings. Lots of setting!You can test it one by one. Now one of the most used features of Zoom is the virtual background for the camera. You can  find this option also on the video menu.

Click on virtual background. Here select what virtual background you wish to use. The background from you will disappear and be replaced with  image. Please know this is not perfect but most cases does the trick. Now let's continue with the next option invite. Here you can send an invite to a contact, an email or just simply copy the invitation URL You find here the password also for your meeting.

 Only the host will allow the person who can talk Allow participants to rename themselves is pretty explanatory. This option will make a notification sound when some body enters or exists The meeting lock  will make so that other people can not join the meeting after this is activated. Another important feature is the share screen feature. You can share your full screen an application window,  like is open mine is Chrome or you can share a whiteboard.

The chat option will give you access to send private messages. You can  send the message to everyone. Because you are the host you can tap also on the three dots from the bottom and adjust the privacy for the chat . You can allow person to talk with you, with everyone or with no one. The record button  will record the meeting. This is very useful because you can send the meeting record to somebody who was not able to attend . Also you can pause the record or just stop it If you want. 

And the last option is reaction. This is a very nice feature and will allow the host to see your  reactions. So zoom has great features and option I hope you liked this article and please be sure to follow us and check our others articles. 

 how to create a scheduled meeting on Windows ?

And the last let's know  how to create a scheduled meeting on Windows. To schedule a meeting just tap the schedule button. Here you can give a name for your meeting.Then  select the date. You can also select a start time for the meeting and a duration. You can make so this meeting to be recurring depending on your needs. On meeting ID you can setup it to generate it automatically or just use your personal ID. If you generate automatically then you need to give this ID to the person who you wish to invite, and only him can know this , as this is random.

If you select your personal ID if somebody has it can try to crash your meeting. Also you can setup a password if you wish here You can disable also the password for the meeting if you want. After that you can setup that the video for the host to be on and also the video for the participants. you can setup how audio be used: only by telephone, computer audio or both. You can add the meeting on your calendar,to be reminded After you have set up all of these options you can look also on Advanced Options.

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