Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a trendsetter in affiliate marketing circles.
The important thing in any business is to sell, it can be a product/service, tangible/intangible, but at the end of the day something should be sold for running a business, and to sell a lot you need more sales force.There is a physical limit for a store, you can only recruit a certain number of people and can only display a certain amount of product for sales.Amazon Affiliate Marketing – the Best Program For Bloggers. eGift Card: Gift Cards
This is not the case with Marketing/Selling online.You can display any number of products in your online store and also recruit any number of sales people and can reach any number of potential buyers online.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing This is the concept which made Amazon what it is today.
The multi-billion online store; it runs on the pure power of affiliates around the world big or small.A person from Uganda or Indonesia too can sell a product from Amazon.It is presenting people all around the world with an earning opportunity and in return is getting more sales force for Amazon.

That is the reason why Amazon has traditionally offered more commission than any other program.In consumer electronics amazon offers 4% commission whereas other top retailer like walmart offers 1%.Amazon offers a maximum commission rate of 8.5-15% whereas most other affiliate program offers 4-6%.When it comes to physical products Amazon is clearly ahead of its competition.Amazon is also helping small businesses to sell their products through Amazon.

By allowing these third party players, Amazon is getting more inventory to sell and also gets more business by charging them a fee to display their products in Amazon.
The small businesses too get tremendous exposure and affiliates to sell their products, thereby building a mutually beneficial relationship.
In short Amazon has revolutionized the online marketing Industry over the last decade.
Now they are getting in to home made electronics like Amazon Kindle and Amazon Tablet PC.

Amazon’s strength is the number of affiliates who market amazon products, and Amazon is fully aware of the fact that there are numerous small time players and newbie affiliates who
To support them, they are offering numerous widgets and promotional methods.

Recently they extended ready-made widgets to blogger and few other blogging platforms to insert their ads directly.
They are also providing contextual ads for bloggers, so if you blog about photography, they they will naturally display ads about photos and camera.
Also it is easy to join their program and start earning right away.

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