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What is the significance of RG and GL of Dxn company? What does RG / GL do?-healthy & peaceful life.

What is RG / GL? What is the significance of RG GL in DXN company and what does RG / GL do?
This RG capsule is a major product of Ganoderma. Ganoderma, which has a maturity of 90 days and has strength, is a pure Ayurvedic herbal capsule made from pure 100% powder of Lucidum flower without any other substance, so it does not cause any adverse side effects or harm to the human body.

It is not called a medicine but a post-dose item of Ganoderma. These include polysaccharides, adenosine, tetropenoid, ganodermic essence, protein and fiber.It strengthens the body's ability to fight all kinds of diseases by scanning the body for the disease and detecting the disease, removing the toxins from the cells and further strengthening the body's ability to function.
It strengthens the digestive process and digestive power of the stomach, makes the skin of the body smooth, soft, young, and beautiful.

Benefits of RG.
(1) Strengthens the body's ability to fight disease, that is, the "immune system" by making it a strong force, freeing it from various incurable diseases.
(2) The body works in the treatment of cancerous tumors. It treats cancer.
(3) Evil and bishadi in the body are removed from the label from the cells of different places in the body.
(4) Protects body tissues from decay and death.
(5) Keeps the cholesterol and sugar levels in the body normal.

This is the mycelium of GL Ganoderma. Ganoderma ludisum mycelium is made from root dust in 18 days of yasam daibigun and power, so it is different from RG. It is made from pure mycelium powder without any other ayurvedic ingredients.

It also contains mycelium polysaccharide, organic germanium, titanium, vitamins and minerals, so its sebum improves blood circulation. Effect of making the body energized by throwing toxins from body.

It provides tonic to the brain and oxygen to the body, has a positive effect on the central nervous system, keeps the body in balance, removes waste products from the body and protects the digestive system from strong constipation and gastric disease. Keeps people healthy and increases their ability to fight various diseases. It promotes the mental and physical development of children

Since it contains more than 250 types of active various chemical elements and 112 types of vitamins and minerals. Obsessive-compulsive disorder, which involves a balanced supply of minerals and calorie intake, strengthens the body's immune system and eliminates many diseases, making it healthier, healthier, and longer-lived.

Benefits of GL
(1) Increases the function of nerves in the body.
(2) Cleanses the body of toxins by removing them from the body.
(3) Immunity power of the body increases the risk of fighting the disease.
(4) Increases memory power in the mind.
(5) It acts as a tonic in the brain and keeps the mind calm.
(6) Prevents Tumar from occurring in the brain.
(7) Yes does a special job in keeping the body in balance.
(8) Adequate supply of oxygen / oxygen to the body makes the cells healthy and shows the person verbally.
(9) Strengthen the stomach pancreas.

DXN is a company with such a goal. One of the goals of DXN is to bring peace to the world, end violence and end poverty, and teach people to live a healthy life.
Also, if you go to the system of this DXN company and use the goods, you will be healthy and you can get financial income for generations.

If you also want to know about the benefits of DXN, you can contact us for advice.
Good morning DXN.

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