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What does it mean to be a DXN leader? -My opinion.

Good morning! , welcome you all! to this site. I am Kumar Teyung  from Nepal. I have been in the DXN business for long   time. I work mostly online, what I enjoy, because I can use my creativity. I have several websites and Facebook pages,groups  , and I use Facebook groups and other social media as well, but I can still see a huge development opportunity in DXN field, and it is important to be renewed all the time. Online world has become a part of our everyday life and it is very important to use the advantages of it in our business too. But on the other hand, we should not forget about the strength of human relationships and personal contact, either.

 DXN events and personal meetings are very important to me, to an online net worker too. I also attended all the DXN leadership camps so far, in all of which I’ve got lifelong experiences.I have tried to write  What does it mean to be a DXN leader? -My opinion ,please read till the end.

 What does it mean to be a DXN leader? Everyone wants to become a successful DXN leader, because of the advantages. Thanks to DXN,we can take part in wonderful trips every year and can learn lots of things about networkmarketing. We have time and money, for those people and activity that are really important for us, so we can live a truly free life. Is this true? Yes, most of it. It’s a part of it, but this is not the whole picture. First, there is a lot of learning, discovering through practice and hard work in becoming real leaders. But as a DXN leader we don’t only have rights but we also have obligations  Towards our team members.

 We have to develop our business and help our team as best as we can. Towards the company we represent. But mostly to ourselves, we need to correspond to leading by example. Leadership has to be undertaken as a conscious decision. Only because you have down lines, you won’t be a leader. You need to improve continuously in many area. It’s very important to improve in professional skills, such as in network marketing skills, communication and online marketing. But the only way for you to become a successful leader is to become a better person and to take care of your self development, as much as your leadership skills. 

So, let’s deep dive into the DXN leader’s different shades! lf you are by the shore, what do you write into the sand? Do you have a T-shirt, a cap, a cup or even a phone case with the DXN logo? I’ve even seen several times, that DXN members are sticking the sticker on the Ganozhi soap on different objects. Or this third picture proves that I often decorate my cookies with the word DXN.

 When my friends prepare a present for me, they often draw DXN on it. Why do we do this? Why do we like to see DXN everywhere? Is this almost like love? Is this why we put little hearts next to it? Yes, DXN has become a very important part of our lives, it covers our everyday life.

 it spreads in our veins. We believe it brings something really good in our lives. The basis of every network marketing success is to have faith in your company. This is why I’m also here in DXN, this is what I could identify with and I could believe that I could make it, too. This is the look that will stay with me always and remember me how important it is for our team members, too, to be proud of them, so they can also show us what they are able to achieve. We must have faith in our team and in people. We all need to have someone who has faith in us; helps and supports us.

Our team members also must look at us as leaders, listen to us, heed our advice and take us as examples. That will strengthen us as well. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader. It’s great if you have leaders and sponsors that you can look up at, that inspire you. 

But once you have to do the same, you have to become the role model for others Are you ready for that? We have big responsibility when we show the business or the products to someone. We need to learn to share the advantages well, so others would be more open to experience these positive effects on their life.

 We have responsibility from the start, through the progress we need to go along this way together. Of course trainings, tools have a big role, everyone can take part on them, they can use them, but besides those, you’ll need personal consultations, too. It’s also important not to work instead of them but with them.

 A leader’s job is not to do the work for others, it’s to help others figure out how to do it themselves, to get things done, and to succeed beyond what they thought possible. It’s not important what we say as much, what we do. If you are a leader, a lot of people follow every step of yours, they look up at you, you have effect on others.

 It’s good to feel this responsibility and this will inspire you too, to become even better, because through this you’ll show the good way to others, too. Do you know what I like most in DXN meetings and trips? That I can always find a reason to smile and laugh. From the heart, with all joy, even by teasing each other. It means a lot for others, how we, DXN leaders, see the world, that we broadcast a joy of life and optimism. We enjoy being ourselves, make others laugh and to enjoy the way we live, that we are together.

 It is good to belong here. These few days were full of such experiences, too. But we know, there are sometimes hard situations. But when we are together, we know, everything will get better. It happens a lot that my team members meet difficulties, problems and I wanted to protect them. It hurt me when they fell.

 But I had to realize that they have to bend in the wind in order to grow or otherwise they will never reach their full potential. They must face challenges. As their leader I had to pay attention to them and give them belief, encouragement, strength and motivation. But leaders are also humans. We also make mistakes, and there are situations when we hurt. Our lives are not only about business, we need to do well in several fields, like as mother, wife, friend, or in other human relationships.

 We have to accept that life on Earth is never going to fulfil all our expectations. But this can be comforting because things can develop even much better than the way we can imagine it. Remember, every crisis is also an opportunity to open more doors and create new possibilities. And, I have a passion. Who knows the daily coffee videos? It's on Facebook, it's an independent Facebook Page. This is kind of a love project for me.

Silwal Prakash  gave me the inspiration with his daily Morinzhi videos. But to tell the truth, you can afford to drink a bottle of Morinzhi daily only if you’re a DXN Crown Ambassador, but there is something what most of the DXN members do every day: they drink their DXN coffee. So just let share this with each other! 

I came up with this idea on New Year’s Eve and in the last almost 200 days a lot of wonderful videos were born, they were funny, interesting and sometimes touching. It’s so special to feel the togetherness with these too. And it is also important to mention that after the personal contacts, in the online world videos are one of the most efficient and most popular tools. 

Several DXN members have prepared their first videos with this project, so this way we could share great moments with each other. And finally, I can see that personal goals and DXN’s   success can be reached in only one way: if we focus on having more and more successful DXN leaders. Real leaders don’t create followers…they create more leaders. And that is what we have to do. This is the only way with personal goals, too, because real freedom and real passive income will come to you only if you train further leaders. Such people who can think on their own. 

And if you create a method that can be copied within the organization and within your team. Because as we all know Network Marketing without duplication is just another job. So be a real, committed DXN leader, so you can truly enjoy the real, positive effects of this business on your life! Help your existing leaders in the progression and find the new DXN leaders with whom you can achieve the breakthrough as much  and as in your life. I wish you all success and a beautiful life! Thank you very much! for reading this article till the end.

If you are also looking for a team leader who can guide you in the right direction by joining DXN in search of opportunities to do something in life, then you are welcome to my team.

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