Although the human race started from the Stone Age, history tells us that Ganoderma started with nature! There is so much about Ganoderma in the book Seng nong "s herbal classic, written 2,000 years BC, or 5,000 years old (Chinese traditional medicine) medicine.The combination of Ganoderma in every herbal book, in the books of the beginning of every scripture, in every kind of historical food, has made its discovery even wider! Be in the history of neighboring friend China.During or after World War II, kings, army chiefs, heads of state, or even eater, forced their workers to search for ganoderma in the jungle, eating only what they ate and eating, people who lived long enough to be perfectly healthy, beautiful, and many wives. Legends are also found .

Science has also accepted that this Ganoderma, known in some places as the Sanjivani plant with divine power, is the king of the world's herbs till date! It is also known as Ajambari Buti! In this very dense forest, only one of the tens of thousands is found !! Very cold fallen trees or waves, it is found in the groves !! Researchers say that even the birds in the forest have been searching for it and eating it.The importance of Ganoderma can be traced back to ancient times. Ganoderma has a supernatural power and has been used by mankind in every possible way. In 1960, Mr. Kyoto University of Japan Foodstuff Scientific Research Institute technician,Yukio Naoi successfully cultivates Ganoderma using a virus-free method.This technology was developed in China and Japan in 1970, in Taiwan in 1980 and in Malaysia from 1983! At present, it has been started in many parts of the world in various ways suitable for suitable conditions of air, water, soil and atmosphere. Giri's Ganoderma started in 1983 from Malaysia and is now considered the number one Ganoderma in the world.From 1983 to 1993, its long research has so far found a total of 38,000 species of mushrooms in the world, of which only 2,000 species have been proven to be edible by humans! Research has shown that eating the remaining 36,000 species of mushrooms can kill humans! Of the 2,000 species that eat, 2,00 species of mushrooms are extremely beneficial to health.Out of these 2,00 species, only 6 types of fungi have the highest number of elements which are essential for the human body to be healthy and energetic !! In addition to these, medicinal elements were also found, these 6 types of fungi are called Ganoderma in scientific language! These are known by the following names :-







Ganoderma made from the above 6 types of red mushrooms is the main and important product of the special DXN company! Eating Ganoderma produced by DXN Company increases the immune system of the human body so that the disease does not attack suddenly and even if it does, it recovers quickly! This ganoderma also balances the nutritious food that the human body needs !! Ganoderma has more than 252 nutritious foods! Very few human bodies need to stay healthy forever.The body becomes unhealthy due to its mismatch !! Ganoderma is one of the most nutritious foods in the world, so we know it as The King of Herbs! In the human body, due to wind, water, food, habits, toxins, stress, etc., the cell becomes unhealthy, when the cell itself becomes unhealthy, and the tissue becomes diseased, the organ becomes diseased, the system itself becomes disturbed! When the system is sick.Then the whole body knows that it is sick! But Ganoderma is considered to be the most popular pastoral food in the world as it removes bad things, pesticides from various cells, removes waste products from different cells of the human body like urine, sweat, saline, etc.

DXN Company was established from Malaysia on December 11, 1993, which has received certificates like I.S.O., T.G.A., G.M.P., Halal etc.! Ganoderma to M.L. M. (MLM) system DXN company worked to spread the world! Dato, Dr. Lim. Sio Jin's method is so excellent that everyone felt the benefit after using it! DXN, considered to be the only Dragon company in the world, expanded it to the world as per the demands of the time.It also brought other herbs in nature as a nutritious food! He received his Ph.D. in Holistic Medicine in 1997. In 2002, Dr. in Alternative Medicine. Delivered as a donor by the Malaysian government in 2005, Lim has recently expanded its production in Malaysia as well as in countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, China, Korea, the United States and Europe.

Since June 2002, according to the prevailing law of the country, New Bebek Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. has expanded the market of Ganoderma in Nepal. A total of 87 branch offices have been established in and outside Kathmandu Valley. All the branches have provided services within the policy and rules of DXN Company! Excellent trainings related to Ganoderma are also given by each of the branches in Nepal! The number of users using Ganoderma as a good food supplement is increasing day by day .

What is the basis of DXN Company?

1) The first thing to worry about is the company, what is the difference?

2) The company should be self-employed and opened 8/10 years ago !! The bank must be registered in Megharsh!

   3) The materials or weeds produced by the    company should be used daily. Those products should be health promoting .

4) To join the company

   M ~ Multiple ~ Qualitative
   L ~ Level ~ level
   M ~ Markating Marketing

5) To have MLM system, at least 4 (l.S.O.
    lnternational standard organization Must be certified by an international high level organization !!
6) I.S.O. (International standard organization) Every company gets from international high level organization !! Like ~~~ 9002 - 9004 - 9001 but any company with this number (I. S.O.) does not fall into the MLM system !!

7) The company that builds the whole thing in its own company !!
                         Such as:
           1) To produce raw material
           2) Must have their own company
           3) Do the packaging yourself
           4) Do the marketing yourself
           5) Prepared by the system itself

The certified number from the I.S.O. ("International standard organization") should be 14001 !!

8) G.M.P. Good mane Fachchar pro .....
 The goods produced by the company must have been produced without washing !!

9) T.G.A. Therapeutic treatment

10) The present (HALAL) should be a holy sign! If it is not marked, it cannot be sold or sold !!

11) W.F.D.S.A. (Must be registered and recommended in the World of Dricet Selling Association !!
DXN Company has got and its head office is in Otensin DC, Africa .

(12) W.F.D.S.A. Recognition of the World Direct Direct Selling Association dates back to 1932 !!!

There are many companies that have stolen names from the MLM system!
                                 Such as:
                       (1) Pyramid system
                       (2) Bayunari system
                       (3) Single label system
                       (4) Direct selling MLM system
Among these 4 systems , DXN Company is  fall under Direct Selling MLM System .