What can I do to grow my DXN Business?-DXN Business

If you are really serious about growing your business, climbing the ladder of success in DXN, and achieving your goals and target, here are some steps you can take :

  • First, buy the Starter Kit. The Starter Kit can be purchased from the following :
  • Buy DXN Products and maintain your PV.
  • Sponsor new distributors as status achievement is based on the number of downlines you have.
  • Attend DXN's seminars and leadership camps to learn and exchange knowledge with other DXN Distributors.
  • Regularly promote DXN to your family and friends.
  • Ensure you have full knowledge of all DXN Products, its benefits and DXN's Marketing Plan.
  • Utilize all of DXN's Marketing Tools such as event photos and videos, product videos, etc to promote your business.
  • Make full use of advanced systems of DXN like Web Based Marketing Tools, and Mobile Applications for easy recruitment and product purchase.
  • Keep track of your sales, recruitment, purchases and status with DXN's tools like DXN eWorld and DXN App.

  • Use all the available free mediums on the Internet such as social media, etc to promote and grow your business.
  • Research marketing ideas such as kiosks, periodical meetings, etc to promote DXN products and your business.
  • Read about marketing techniques and tips from books, magazines, and online websites to improve your business.
  • Teamwork is key because as your downlines get promoted, you will advance too.

This can be summarized as follows :

Join-Join DXN as a distributor
Use-Use the products
Share-Share the benefits - tell others what, why and how you use
Build-Build your network after using and sharing
  • With just the purchase of everyday household items, you can maintain a minimum requirement for earning bonus.
  • Join hands with 1 person every month, who can also buy products with minimum maintenance to earn bonus.
  • Now duplicate this system every month.
  • The Sky is the Limit - by focusing on a mere 1 person every month and eating healthy products, you can earn enough to realize your dreams, now imagine the growth with your potential and your full effort.

Tomorrow is too late. Yesterday is over.
Now is exactly the right moment to start.