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The benefits of Yarsagumba Cordyceps on homan body -DXN.

Yarchagumba/CORDYCEPS  is a traditional herb .  It is a type of fungus-rich plant found in the high mountainous regions of Tibet, China and Nepal. Yarchagumba's amino acids, glutamic acid, polysaccharides and vitamin B-12 are the major ones.Which are effective treatment for asthma, pneumonia, colds, chronic bronchitis, debilitating fevers, tuberculosis, etc.The Chinese have been using it as a useful  natural medicine for over 2000 years.As it is a multifaceted herbal medicine, it is also used as a tonic, tonic and blood-enhancing herb.It can also be used as a medicine to improve memory, relieve pain in limbs, hepatitis-B, tuberculosis, measles, mumps, heart, and blood-related diseases. It has been mentioned that it is very beneficial to eliminate fatigue, impotence of men and women and to increase their strength.

Regular consumption of Yarchagumba cordyceps is an effective treatment for the following diseases:

1) Pneumonia, colds, bronchitis, chronic asthma, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.
2) It strengthens the body's immune system and helps to get rid of all kinds of kidney related diseases.
3) Treats digestive, stomach ailments, gastric, diarrhea, etc.
4) Dislikes food cravings.
5) Eliminates the problem of fatigue quickly.
6) Pain in joints, hips and joints, treatment of uric acid.
7) Keeps cholesterol levels in balance and normal.
8) Increases endurance, physical and mental capacity.
9) Creates natural elements against cancer.
10) Helps to keep blood pressure in balance and normal.
11) Maintains youth and prevents old age.
12) Builds and purifies the blood.
13) Controls gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, cramps, etc.
14) Helps to get rid of the problem of insomnia.
15) Works to control bad addiction and bad eating habits.
16) Balances and normalizes blood sugar levels.
17) Works to increase memory.
18) Increases strength by removing sexual weakness of men and women.
19) Helps to get rid of heartburn.
20) Healthy and unhealthy people of all ages can live more healthy and unhealthy if consumed.
DXN  Company has made 60 capsules, 120 tablets, coffee, juice and other food items that can be used to stay healthy and get rid of rage.

It can be taken 3 tablets in the morning and 3 tablets in the evening and 6 tablets regularly.It should be taken in conjunction with allopathic ayurveda and other herbal remedies recommended by doctors and should be taken by niragis to avoid rages and to stay healthy at all times.Yarsa is the most expensive organic commodity in the world. It also has a record of high price than of gold. Six years ago, the price of yarsa in China was 100,000 per kg and in Singapore it was  130,000 per kg, while the price of gold was only 68,000nrs per kg.

DXN is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company. It was founded in 1993 in Malaysia. Here you can find products related to health.Such as: - Manjan, Shampoo, Soap, Chiam Coffee, Juice, Face Wash, Cream, Lipstick and other products are prepared.Food supplements include Ganoderma RG / GL, Spirulina, Yarsagumba Cordyceps, Lion's mane, Mycoveggie and other products. DXN's product is not a medicine. It is a high quality food that can be eaten by all healthy patients

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